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Are children welcome?


Do you offer tours?

Yes but only during special events. Check out our Facebook or instagram page for updates

Do you host special events?

Yes. Contact brewteam@humblefarmerbrewing.com or call us at 760.356.7066 for details. 

What are the addresses of the locations?

Our Brewery and Tasting room is located at 438 Walnut Ave, Holtville, Ca 92250 and is open

Thursday- Saturday 3-9

Our Restaurant and tasting room is located at 116 S Imperial #C, Imperial, Ca 92251 and is open 7 days a week.

Sunday- 10 am to close

Monday- Thursday 3-10pm

Friday 3-12am

Saturday 3 pm-12 ma



We serve food at our Imperial Location. You may bring whatever food you would like to Holtville.

Eric Strahm

Eric Strahm

Christopher Marrs

Christopher Marrs

Eric Strahm- Brewmaster

The beer your drinking is the masterpiece of Eric. You will find him in the brewhouse coming up with a new flavor, cleaning the tanks and kegging the beer.

Christopher marrs-Director of good times

When you want to have a good time like a party events, you will find Christopher roaming around in a costume most of the time!


Apply HERE

WERE HIRING! Please fill this form out to be contacted for an interview!


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This is the details:

You think you can cook?

Submit your recipe and pay a $20.00 entry fee to have it selected by our kitchen staff to be served on a Sunday. You can choose ingredients and name. Price of dish is $10.00 so please no lobster or high end items. Item can make it to the menu with your name depending on sales. PLEASE ONLY original recipes. WE OWN A LOT OF COOKBOOKS :)

We have a fryer, small stove and  salamander.

You sell some items on the side?

Show the world by renting a table in our expansion area. All welcome except Realtors. Two spots available from 4-10 pm on chosen Sunday. Price is $20.00

Don’t need a whole table? Use our joint items display $5.00

Do you produce art? Hang it on all our walls with your price tag. $5.00 per hanging.

Do you make special craft items (soap, oil etc). Display along bookshelf one in hallway for free. Must be present the entire time from 4-10 and collect your proceeds. Produce welcome.

Free instagram advertising on hfbrewingco_imperial and the new handle dedicated to Show me Sundays @showmesundayshfb

YOU WILL GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM CM@Humblefarmerbrewing.com and invoice due thru paypal for entry.

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